Apple’s anti-tracking tool restricts Facebook’s ability to follow people around the web

Posted on October 13, 2017
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Two years ago, Facebook began using the ubiquitous “like” buttons that publishers put on their sites to track people’s web browsing and use that information to target ads on and off the social network. Now, Facebook may find it harder to follow people around the web.

The Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature that Apple has added to its Safari web browser on desktop and mobile can disable Facebook’s ability to track people who visit third-party websites that feature Facebook’s Social Plugins, such as its “like” and “share” buttons, a Facebook spokesperson confirmed on Monday.

Since 2015, every time a person loads a page on a site that features one of Facebook’s Social Plugins, Facebook would receive information from the site about the visitor, “like the person’s user ID, the website they’re visiting, the date and time, and other browser-related info,” according to Facebook’s developer documentation.

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