Should brands be worried about the possible repeal of net neutrality rules?

Posted on November 29, 2017
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Should-brands-be-worried-about-the-possible-repeal-of-net-neutrality-rules_Main-PhotoThe potential repeal of the 2015 net neutrality rules that were implemented in the U.S. by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sparked an outcry from consumers, consumer rights groups, businesses and trade organizations.

Under a proposal unveiled last week, ISPs would, among other things, no longer be banned from charging companies to prioritize the delivery of their content or restricting access to particular online services that utilize significant resources.

While the most talked about concerns relate to consumers and bandwidth-intensive services like Netflix and YouTube, some are suggesting that the changes should worry brands. For instance, Joshua Lowcock, the U.S. executive vice president and chief digital and innovation officer at agency UM, told AdWeek that the changes could impact ad prices and viewability.

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