Are You Experiencing Social Marketing Malpractice? 6 Questions to Ask

Posted on May 19, 2018
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Think about your most recent doctor’s visit. You likely shared your symptoms with the doctor, he performed an exam and then provided a detailed diagnosis. Well, what if your physician simply said “you’re fine” without any detail? You’d likely demand the further explanation to better understand your diagnosis. Your doctor could be the most competent in the world, but if he doesn’t provide you with the information you need to fully comprehend the problem you’re dealing with, he is putting you at risk. You’d never accept this type of treatment.

Today, social advertising is in an analogous situation. Too often, brands are told their social advertising business is “doing fine,” without any clarification. They blindly trust the high-level reporting they’re given which indicates their budget was spent (and perhaps that KPIs were met) without asking for the further explanation – ultimately incurring a great deal of financial risk.

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