Mastering the art of blending in: the future of native video

Posted on November 14, 2017
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The past few years has seen a major shift in video advertising from blanket marketing to contextually relevant, non-intrusive ads.

Much of the change is owing to social media, with rising user demand for ads that don’t disrupt mobile newsfeeds, fuelling a movement towards ‘environmentally friendly’ formats across the entire online ecosystem.

Of course, this isn’t universal across social – to continue maximising their revenue per user, platforms such as Facebook are using a combination of native and mid-roll formats – but at present, the general consensus seems to favour a less intrusive approach. For instance, LinkedIn has launched a native offering to enable brands advertising on its platform to ensure their creative fits its surrounding content, and YouTube will axe its standard 30-second unskippable pre-roll format next year – even though it is yet to develop a specific native proposition.

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