Pinterest rolls out chatbot, native features for Facebook’s Messenger

Posted on December 6, 2017
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Pinterest is making a home for itself on Facebook’s Messenger.

On Tuesday, the social-cum-search platform debuted a chatbot for the Facebook-owned messaging service and a new way for people to interact with pins shared on Messenger. Both moves make it possible to use Pinterest within Messenger without needing to use Pinterest outside of Messenger. That may sound cannibalistic, but it may also help Pinterest convert Messenger’s users into Pinterest users.

Pinterest is staking an official presence on Messenger in recognition of the unofficial presence it already has on the messaging service. Every week, people share almost 1 million pins from Pinterest to Messenger, according to Pinterest. Pinterest’s hope is that these pins will lead these people to sign up for Pinterest, but it may need to tease out more of what it’s like to use Pinterest in order to convince them. And so it will.

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