Are you Safe? 3 Data Security Essentials Marketers Can’t Afford to Ignore

Posted on November 22, 2017
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Customer data is the holy grail of the modern marketing function, which is why it makes for such a tempting target. But it’s not just the anonymous hacking networks that companies have to worry about. Governments and even trade bodies are now tightening the net on data security.

3 Key Areas of Data Security for Marketers:

  • Dealing with internal and external threats
  • Building customer trust
  • Compliance

Dealing with threats

From Target and T-Mobile to Staples and Equifax, data breaches in recent years have demonstrated that even multi-billion-dollar enterprises aren’t secure. Few things hurt a company as much as a widely publicized security breach. Data security is no longer just an IT issue, it is a core business issue.

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