Terms of Service

Terms of Service
By using our Services, you are agreeing to these terms. Please read them carefully.

1.- Terms of Service
1.1.- Time Frame
1.2.- Upfront Payments
1.3.- Progress Payments
1.4.- Credits for Hourly Projects
1.5.- About Revisions
1.6.- Ongoing Maintenance
1.7.- Refund Policy
1.8.- Monthly Contracts

1.1 Time Frame.-The timeframes stated on any request for proposal is for reference only and will be subject of modification depending on the client’s response time during revisions or any modification requested from the client to change the project at any stage.

1.2 Upfront Payments.- Every project developed by First Motion’s team requires an upfront payment. The amount depends on the project’s specification and terms agreed with the customer. For hourly projects they need to be paid fully before the work is started.

1.3 Progress Payment.- All progress payments will be requested and received after any stage of the project is finished and approved, First Motion will put the project on hold until the payment is received. If an approved stage of the project is subject to modification for a request from the client, this change will be quoted and charged separately. If all extra work during the process of the development of the project does not exceed $ 200 USD, then it will be payed at the completion of the project, however, if the changes exceed the amount of $ 200 USD, these charges will be payed prior next stage. Original source files will be sent to the client by the end of the project after final payment is released.

1.4 Credits for Hourly Projects.-Hourly projects require the purchase of credits from our web portal. If the credits are not fully spent on one project they can be added to an additional purchase of credits. The credits purchased can be only used on one project unless they are added to another project by the additional purchase of credits. The credits expire 30 days after their purchase.

1.5 About Revisions.- Every stage of the project will be subject of revision from the client. First Motion considers a revision when the client receives an email with the update on a specific field and makes specific comments about what needs to be done in order to have such stage finished and approved. After a stage of the project is approved and paid, or exceed the limit of revisions per stage, all extra revisions for such section will be subject of extra cost.

1.6 Ongoing Maintenance.- The required maintenance to have the site up to date will be responsibility of the client. If any work is required from First Motion the client will be able to select the more convenient plan from this table (This price is subject of modification).

1.7 Refund Policy.- If the client decides to cancel a project with First Motion with or without a reason, no refund will be issued.

1.8 Monthly Contracts.- Will be billed monthly depending on the date they where signed. If the client requires an upgrade or downgrade of plan an email needs to be sent to info@firstmotion-international.com requesting the change and the change will take effect in 48 hours. If the payment is suspended the client will be noticed immediatelly and the services will be suspended.

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