Video Content Marketing in 2018 – Turn on, Tune In, Engage

Posted on February 6, 2018
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Reid Genauer, CMO, Magisto, explains the shift in how marketers using video in social media vs. traditional media landscape

The social media marketing industry is booming as budgets have doubled worldwide over the past two years from $16 billion in 2014 to $31 billion in 2016. And video has become the centerfold of social media. But what is different in 2018 is that there are companies who are navigating this complex landscape with success. Marketers have shifted from traditional media to social media as the preferred way to engage customers, capture elusive consumer attention and achieve marketing objectives through social video.

A Portal For Personification and Authenticity

Unlike traditional media, social media is a world designed for humans, not businesses, to expresses themselves. It’s no longer good enough to sell a great product.

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